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A vital element of the service.

Physiotherapy is a critical component of Occupational Health services offered at Primary’s medical centres.

Whether it’s assessing the physical suitability of a candidate for a role right through to managing an injured staff member safely and quickly back to work, physiotherapists can offer your business a comprehensive service.

An integrated offering.

We’ll work together to gain knowledge of the unique requirements of your business and employees before tailoring physiotherapy solutions that will help reduce the impact and cost of injuries to your business.

Pre-employment and Functional Assessments

These play an important part in identifying and mitigating, potential risks for your employees. Once conducted, physiotherapists will be able to guide you on the suitability of potential employees for the specific functional requirements of the role.

Injury Management and Rehabilitation

This is an important component of ensuring a quick and safe return to work for your employees. It will limit the impact and cost on your business and aid in the quick recovery and welfare of your employees. We use online tools to help monitor progress of the recovery program.

Preventative Programs

Primary will work with you to help implement preventative programs designed to reduce the risk of injury to employees. These could include:

  • Manual handling training
  • Conditioning and strength programs

What’s more, the team of independent physiotherapists will work with your managers to develop preventative training programs that help reduce the risk of staff injuries.

For more information on Primary’s comprehensive Physiotherapy Services, call us today on 1300 316 774.